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Sweden – An Emotional Visit

I was suppose to go to Sweden last year, in the summer of 2009. But I had to cancel Sweden, and had to be satisfied with only to Norway (which was amazing, btw). The reason for the cancellation was my friend Sophie’s brother, Pontus, has committed suicide. Yes, you read it correctly, suicide. He was… Read More »

Valença, Portugal

As part of my journey to Galicia, North West Spain, we drove to Portugal just for the sake of it, cause I have never been to Portugal before. We drove from Santiago de Compostela and we chose the city Valença for our destination, as it is very close to the border, and it is a… Read More »

Galicia, North-West Spain

6 September – 9 September 2010 Galicia is a different kind of Spain. The nature is nothing like Spain you know. It’s very green, hilly, and wet. It looks more like Ireland and Wales instead of Spain.