Can you please spell Stockholm?

This conversation is real..

I needed a return flight quote to get my European travel visa. I could not find any free quote provider online, so I started calling travel agents.

A work colleague recommended me this travel agent in Sydney’s China Town, for always giving him cheap prices on good airline flights. Here’s the conversation:

Me: Hi there. I need a quote for a return ticket to either Stockholm or Copenhagen please, whichever is cheaper from Sydney.

Lady: A moment please Sir…

(2 minutes later)

Lady: I’m sorry Sir, what’s the first city?

Me: It’s Stockhom.

Lady: Can you please spell that out for me, Sir?

Me: (!”£$%^&*) It’s Stockholm… S-T-O-C-K-H-O-L-M… the capital city of Sweden. I’m sure you have it in your system. Okay wait.. I think I’m just gonna hang up now and call another agency. Thank you though.

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