Half the World Away

By | 10 January 2010

Yay… I finally uploaded my music video “Half the World Away” to YouTube. Here is the link to the video -> Andryo – Half the World Away. Please view, rate, and comment it on YouTube.

Directed by Roter Su, the talents are Spanish Juan Antonio Martinez and Norwegian Ingvild G.L.Vetrhus. Filmed in Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom, just around where I live. The song itself is basically about a long distance relationship. Download Half the World Away for free.

Here is the lyric:

Half the World Away

by: Andryo

The sun is up and you’re awake now
I’m waiting for you
To show up on my screen to tell you how
I’m thinking of you

Though we are half the world away
But I am near you
Though you’re not here while I’m awake
Still I dreamed of you

How are you?
Where are you?
What you’re up to today?

What will you do today?
I wish I was there with you
Well have a nice cup of coffee
Like we have always said we would

When will I ever see you?
When will I ever meet you?
When will I ever feel you?
When will I ever kiss you?

Also check out my YouTube channel here: –> Andryo on YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Half the World Away

  1. AvatarZita

    So love it,Fab song dont keep just it on line its too good.Says everything that i would love to say to a old ex.How can I forward it to him from Ireland to NZ?Love Z

  2. AvatarAndryo

    Hi Zita,

    Thank you 🙂

    Actually, the song is still a demo version. We made the video for a Uni project. But I will hopefully produce the real album sometime this or next year.

    Hmm, you can send him the link from YouTube I suppose? This is the link:

    Love, A

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