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The Best Bitcoin wallets

There are many ways to keep your Bitcoin. However, if you do not control your own private key, that means you do not truly control your Bitcoin.

Using hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor, is arguable the safest way to keep your Bitcoin. With a hardware wallet, you will always need the hardware to access your Bitcoin. And better yet, the hardware usually needs you to physically “sign” or approve the transactions, to avoid a hacker hacking into your computer - since they cannot physically press the approval button on your hardware.

If you lose your hardware, you can always restore your Bitcoin by providing a combination of your recovery phrases. It is very important to keep these recovery phrases in a safe place.

  • Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular hardware wallets in the market, and it is not that expensive.
  • Ledger Blue has a better user experience and a larger screen, if you have some extra money to spend for your cryptocurrency hardware wallet.
  • Trezor is one of the first pioneers for a safe Bitcoin hardware wallet.

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