Hey there, I'm Andryo.


A digital marketer with 10 years of professional digital experience (3 years in London, UK; and 7 years in Sydney, Australia).

Throughout my digital career, my professional roles span from web design, front-end web development, SEO, digital analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, and customer experience.

When I'm not working, I write and produce songs, take photos, and run a blog about my travels.

Since several years ago, I've also been a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast - (like Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Back in the days, I was also a member of the Indonesian national baseball team.

Latest from My Blog

Being Vegan for a Week Challenge

A diary of when my wife and I tried to be a vegan, just for a week to challenge ourselves.

A Winter Week in Queenstown, New Zealand

A week travelling in Queenstown during winter, with a roadtrip driving around the area.

3 Days Travelling Alone in Budapest

What to do and see in Budapest. I also got scammed during this trip by random trap girls.

Keliling New Zealand dari Auckland dengan Campervan

Rangkuman beberapa trip saya ke pulau utara New Zealand, dengan beberapa perusahaan campervan.

Second Time Travelling in Iceland Alone

Because the first trip was so memorable, I came back to Iceland for the second time - this time in the summer.

Tandem Skydiving on my 30th Birthday

On my 30th birthday, I've decided to take a day off and face my biggest fear: heights.

Belajar Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Apa itu Blockchain & Cryptocurrency?

Belajar basic blockchain di sini. Cari tahu juga konsep dan mengapa ada cryptocurrency.

Belajar Investasi Cryptocurrency

Ikuti langkah-langkah mudah untuk mulai ber-investasi cryptocurrency. Belajar tentang altcoin dan exchange.

Cara Membeli Cryptocurrency

Cari tahu dimana bisa beli cryptocurrency di Indonesia, dan bagaimana cara pembeliannya.

Apa itu Bitcoin?

Cari tahu siapa yang menciptakan Bitcoin, dan mengapa Bitcoin itu diciptakan.

Berapa Harga Bitcoin (BTC) Sekarang?

Lihat harga Bitcoin (BTC) sekarang di sini.

Cara Membeli Bitcoin (BTC)

Cari tahu dimana bisa beli Bitcoin di Indonesia, dan bagaimana cara pembeliannya.

Apa itu Ethereum?

Apa itu Ethereum dan apa bedanya dengan Bitcoin?

Berapa Harga Ethereum (Ether/ETH) Sekarang?

Lihat harga Ethereum (Ether/ETH) sekarang di sini.

Cara Membeli Ethereum / Ether (ETH)

Cari tahu dimana bisa beli Ethereum di Indonesia, dan bagaimana cara pembeliannya.

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