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Simple really, there was a period in my life where I had no full-time job.

Back in 2005, after I finished working at Hard Rock FM, I rejoined the Indonesian national baseball team – but this time as an official. And once that was done, that is it.

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I’m on Spotify

Several months ago, I came across this quote:

Don’t die with your gifts still inside you.

Hits me directly in the nerve.

If you have known me well during my 20s, you’d know that I have been writing songs since then. Throughout these years, I’ve written around 35 songs (yeah some of them are crap). But I have only produced like 12 of them into recordings.

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Icelandic Music – Icelandic Bands – Iceland Playlist

Just in case I haven’t told you, I think Iceland is the most beautiful place on earth. They also have the most beautiful women on the planet (for real), amazing nature, friendly and social people, delicious (and healthy) food, good beer (surprised?), and great music.

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