More on Everyday is Like Sunday

Simple really, there was a period in my life where I had no full-time job.

Back in 2005, after I finished working at Hard Rock FM, I rejoined the Indonesian national baseball team – but this time as an official. And once that was done, that is it.

Well I knew that I eventually will go somewhere abroad to do my master’s degree (finally went in 2007 to London), so there was this 2-year limbo period.

I still make my own money though, through:

  • Singing at weddings, around 1-2 times per month.
  • Composing games background music in midi once-per-month for a friend of mine who was contracted by a company in the Netherlands to make games for them (he was a Java developer).
  • I worked on a project basis at 2 event organising companies.
  • Official scorekeeping for baseball tournaments.

So overall it wasn’t much, but it kept me going.

Honestly, this period was both the darkest moment in my life, but also (and likely the cause of) the most productive song-writing period in my life.

Even now (at present time) – when I have decided to do music again, I am at a relatively low point in life. But more on that sometimes. So I do believe that people tend to be in a fucked-up state to be creative.

Here is the song, hope you enjoy: