I’m on Spotify

Several months ago, I came across this quote:

Don’t die with your gifts still inside you.

Hits me directly in the nerve.

If you have known me well during my 20s, you’d know that I have been writing songs since then. Throughout these years, I’ve written around 35 songs (yeah some of them are crap). But I have only produced like 12 of them into recordings.

If you live in Jakarta, you probably have heard some of my songs. As around 6 of them have been aired by radio stations between 2005-2007.

Okay, it wasn’t 100% based on merit, cause I worked there at the radio network. And knowing the music directors also definitely helped.

I can’t believe I’ve been postponing this for years. Even last year, a good friend of mine asked me why I do not put my songs on Spotify. I have been asking myself the same question.

So I finally release my first song..

  • Why today (1 June)? It is my mom and late dad’s anniversary.
  • Why is the name of the label Mangosteen Records? Our first and longest family home was at Mangosteen (Manggis) Street.
  • Why did I choose Everyday is Like Sunday as my first song? Cause it was the first of my song that was aired at radio stations back in 2005.

I haven’t really told anyone about this, apart from my wife. Apparently the usual process of a Spotify release is:

  • An artist releases a song.
  • (processing time)
  • Once the song is on Spotify, the artist can “claim” the artist page.
  • Once successful, the artist can put up images, write bio, etc.
  • It won’t show up instantly, it can take days.
  • Even now I still can’t even find my own artist page from the Spotify search. I do have the direct link though.
  • Then I assume everything will be right (still waiting).

Anyway, heads up, I will be posting more of my music here and into the streaming world. I’ll start with my existing songs before I release new ones.

If the sound engineering quality of these songs are not in par with other songs in your playlists, I do have to apologise in advance as these are recorded at home with cheap home studio equipments, and these are mixed & mastered by… yup, yours truly. This being said, I am also learning on how to do these better.

Hope you listen to my songs, like them, add them to your own playlists, and share them with the world.