Onsen Hot Pools Experience – Queenstown, New Zealand

There’s no better time and place to relax, than at the Onsen Hot Pools on the last day of our visit to Queenstown, New Zealand. After a week full of activities and excursions, including the Shotover Jet power boat ride, a helicopter ride to the mountains, a road trip to Lake Tekapo, and the Milford Sound flight, we have decided to spend our last day in Queenstown relaxing, bathing in the hot pool.

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Milford Sound by Plane (Fly-Cruise-Fly) – Air Milford & Southern Discoveries

Don’t be like us. Book your Milford Sound tour early!

They say visiting Milford Sound is an essential experience when visiting Queenstown. Our mistake was we booked the Milford Sound tour last minute (late in the day before). We found 3 or 4 bus tours that we might have chosen to go to Milford Sound with, however all these tours were completely booked out. In our Queenstown trip, most days were cloudy except for that day we chose to go to Milford Sound on. This is likely why that day has been booked out everywhere.

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Shotover Jet Queenstown Experience – Photos & Videos

As part of our 8-day trip in Queenstown, New Zealand, our friends and people we met in Queenstown recommended us to experience the Shotover Jet excursion. At first we thought this is just another powerboat ride, looking at Queenstown sceneries and whatnot. We did not do any research before but decided to just go for it on our 2nd day in Queenstown.

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Keliling New Zealand dari Auckland dengan Campervan

Blog post ini berisi kumpulan itinerary, cerita dan foto-foto dari beberapa trip saya ke New Zealand.

Bekerja di sebuah digital advertising agency, saya mempunyai beberapa klien lokal di Sydney, luar kota, dan juga luar negeri seperti New Zealand. Klien saya di Auckland, New Zealand, bernama thl (Tourism Holdings Limited). Bisnis mereka di bidang pariwisata, menyewakan beberapa brand-brand campervan (seperti KEA, Britz, Maui dan Mighty Campers); bis hop-on-hop-off keliling New Zealand bernama Kiwi Experience, dan kumpulan goa-goa di Waitomo yang digunakan untuk Black Water Rafting / petualangan rafting di sungai dalam goa, dan melihat glowworms (cacing-cacing yang menyala di kegelapan).

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Second Time Travelling in Iceland… Alone

Note: Read my first trip solo to Iceland here.

Yup… this was my second time in Iceland. Both trips, I travelled alone. The reason? I loved it so much when I went there the first time. It was in winter then, this one was in the summer. I heard before that it’s a whole different experience if we travel in a different season. Also, the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon was closed then, and I really want to see the icebergs in the lagoon.

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Strategi Program Frequent Flyer

Jika anda sering travelling baik untuk pekerjaan atau tamasya, kemungkinan besar anda sudah menjadi anggota program frequent flyer airline tertentu. Seperti saya, awal-awal saya mulai suka travelling, frequent flyer semua airline saya ikuti. Namun apakah ini langkah yang tepat?

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What to do in Iceland – Travel Iceland Solo

I have been dreaming to visit Iceland since 2 years ago. Silly that I didn’t go when I was living in London. Now that I live in Sydney, Australia, which is so far away, I will realize my dream. The thing is, my travel partner just cancelled on me due to her financial issue. So I said fuck it, I’m just gonna go alone.

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