Hello Goodbye

So this is it. I am leaving home to go to London. I didn’t really announce this to everyone, but I’d presume that the ones who are close to me (and care) would know. I don’t actually know the reason I was leaving. Probably I was just sick of all my troubles, boring routine, stagnant life, and really need a fresh start.

It’s funny how we are living with the people we love, but we always take it for granted. Since we meet those people everyday, everything just becomes flat. “Hi Mom”, “Bye Mom”, “Dad, I’m home”, etc etc.. those are the things (or maybe the only things) we say on a daily basis. But when I was about to leave, I was weeping like a baby…especially when my mom rubbed my back in the car on the way to the airport and said “be good, okay!” I couldn’t help it but to hold her hand very tight and cried. Unsurprisingly, I cried again at the airport when I was about to enter the gate in front of my family, best friends, and some people who apparently came and said goodbye there (thanks for that).

My Best Friends and Me at the Airport
My Best Friends and Me at the Airport

I’m really glad that I left. Now I know better how much my loved ones mean to me. Never in my life I hugged my parents like I did that day. Never in my life I looked at their faces, and tried to take a snapshot of how they looked to be memorized forever. Cause I don’t know how long I will be going for. It could be just until the next holiday, could be a year, could be (to dramatize) forever. And God knows when will I see them again the next time. It’s a very good experience.

5 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye”

  1. Shut up and hurry back home man! I know live is treating you better there in the UK, but never forget your roots, family and friends :). So it’s been like what? 2 years now. I hope you’re still the same person whom we love, with better qualities Lol! I still blame mr. What’s his name? Bart! something from the UK embassy for not granting me my visa. I hope he and his family burn in hell for not allowing me celebrate my birthday in UK, with my bestfriend! Woosaaaah Wooosaaah…

  2. Hmmm… I kinda like the idea you’re in the UK coz. We’re just a sea away. When I go to Newport, RI, I look out into the Atlantic, knowing you’re on the other side. hik hik … love you Andry! Welcome to my world.

  3. Mbak Tantii!!

    I miss you too my sweet cousin 🙂 It’s been too long since we last met. It’s about time, don’t you think? Get your ass here to London hehe.



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