OK so you are Asian.. but are you not Chinese?

This conversation is real, between me and a person who works at my company as a cleaner. I am Indonesian (the country is in South-East Asia if you don’t know), and the lady thinks all Asians are Chinese LOL.

Not that I judge or anything, but this conversation is just funny. I do not think she is racist nor ignorant, but just lack of knowledge and education that’s all.

Me: Aahh…I can’t wait for Christmas.

Shirley: Are you going anywhere for holidays?

Me: No…not really.. just need the holiday. I think I will just sleep for 3 days straight.

Shirley: You’re not going to celebrate it?

Me: No.. I don’t celebrate Christmas. Okay…I do celebrate Christmas.. We go for dinner, gathering, parties, and what not. But personally, I don’t.

Shirley: Why not?

Me: Uhmm..well I am not a Christian.

Shirley: So other religions don’t celebrate Christmas?

Me: (hmm..how do I answer this) No..it’s just different belief.

Shirley: Ooh I didn’t know that.. So where are you from, again?

Me: I am from Indonesia.

Shirley: So are you Chinese then?

Me: No, I am not. I am Indonesian.

Shirley: What is that?

Me: (hmmm how do I answer this…yet again) “THAT” is a country.. near Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia, if you ever heard of any of them…

Shirley: Oooh OK. So are you Asian?

Me: Yes.

Shirley: But you are not Chinese?

!ӣ$%^&* Oh well..

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